New Enhanced Learning in Action (LiA) – Provide exercises and evaluations in your live system

New Enhanced Learning in Action (LiA) – Provide exercises and evaluations in your live system

New York, NY – March, 2019:  Are you looking for an effective way to build your users’ skills in the Firm’s software? Would you like a way to provide relevant training based on users’ needs or an easy way to evaluate new hires?


Capensys announces its latest release of LiA (Learning in Action), a tool that evaluates users in the live application on their own firm desktop.  LiA has been designed to assist you with new hire training, knowledge consolidation exercises, evaluations of user skill levels, and certifications (LTC4 or in-house).


The new version of LiA uses a state-of-the art, extremely accurate method to record users’ actions and save their results in the Capensys Learnwise Learning Management System (LMS) or any LMS. Users can perform tasks using any acceptable method, whether it be ribbon, right click, or a key stroke combination — no matter how much the firm’s desktop has been customized.  The exercise results show a very accurate picture of how competent users really are.


The LiA application



    • Comes with a ready-made set of exercises with multiple methods already built in.


    • Provides training targeted for each user by offering relevant training at the end of each exercise if the user does not achieve the pass mark, or if they want to learn more.


    • Includes a Designer which allows trainers to write their own exercises for most legal applications. It is really easy for trainers to build their own exercises.



LiA exercises can be organized in learning plans in your LMS and can be used for core competency training, new hire and/or LTC4 certification, rollouts or general up-skilling.


“Our clients always ask us how to benchmark users and provide targeted learning, and the LiA tool is perfect for that.” said Sue Pasfield, Managing Director of Capensys. “It is invaluable to help firms gain an understanding of skill levels and offer relevant training.”


LiA is an important component of the Capensys ‘SkillUp!’ program, which allows firms to improve skill levels and achieve certification in a wide range of core competencies. The SkillUp! program helps Firms address today’s competitive environment in which clients demand more productivity and efficiency from law firms.


To see a demonstration of the new LiA and learning tools, please contact your Capensys representative, or email


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